Why choose PanelQ's smm panel script ?

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Fast Scripts

Everyone loves speed. Our Smm panel script is optimised in such a way that everything works with amazing speed and provides great user interface.

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Great Functionality

PanelQ's smm panel script has various functions like cancel button, autolikes, subscriptions, various payment gateways, tracking and much more.

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Highly Customizable

You can use our frontend HTML editor to design your homepage. You can customize the theme, colors, font and much more in just one click.

Amazing Features

Our smm panel has some of the most unique features that various smm panels don't have.

Design on the go.

When it comes to designing and customization, Our smm panel script works smoothly. Insert HTML templates on the go and change the homepage and theme whenever you want. Various in built themes also come by default.


Connect with Multiple Providers

Our smm panel script can be connected to any smm panel in the market using our Fast API connection functionality. With one click you can add the services of any smm panel without any issues.

Multiple APIs

Numerous Payment Gateways.

{More coming soon}
  • G
    Manual Gateway
  • P
    PayTm Manual
  • M
    PayTm Merchant
  • I
    PayPal Invoice
  • P
    PhonePe Manual
  • C
    CoinPayments (Crypto)
  • P
  • R
    RazorPay (Cards/UPI)
  • U
    PayuMoney (Cards/UPI)
  • S
    Stripe (Cards/International)

Features you can't resist

Explore various possibilities with 100+ Unique features.
  • Advance Dashboard
  • Advance Seo System
  • One Click Import services
  • Live Chat/Notification center
  • Avg. processing time calculator
  • Detailed Logs
  • HomePage Editor
  • User Imitation
  • Cancel button
  • Currency Converter
  • Inbuilt Message system
  • Create Pages
  • Unlimited APIs
  • Export Data Anytime
  • All Language support
  • Change colors/theme in 1 Click
  • And much more...


Best Value


$ 20.00 /month
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    UNLIMITED Orders!
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    All Features Included
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Starting your SMM panel can be challenging and hard to start. The motive of PanelQ is to bridge the gap between someone who wants to do business without knowing to code. Starting an Smm panel website is always tough, but our script will undoubtedly help you make good profits with our loaded 100features. Our script is advance and developed by a group of 5 software engineers. Our script is 100% safe and secure to use.

Buy smm panel script

Doing an SMM business is easy but finding a working SMM panel script is not. That is why we started the PanelQ SMM panel script. We provide a reliable and secured SMM panel script. Unlike others, we help our users to grow in their SMM panel business through our guidance and courses. Our SMM panel script comes with a lot of functionality that can help your SMM panel reach the sky. Start your SMM panel website now. Buy your SMM panel script today. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy our SMM panel script for your next SMM Website.

Fully Responsive
100% Safe
24x7 Support
No Coding Required

Customers are lovin’ it

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“5 stars to team PanelQ for helping me setup my smm panel within 24 hours. Amazing team, Amazing support, Kudos.
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“Writing after 6 months of use, PanelQ's smm panel works perfect. No flaws , its just perfect.”
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“I think the UI of this script is the unique selling point. That is why I purchased.”
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“5 Stars Go for it.
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“Most reliable smm panel scripts provider is Panelq.com”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To start your SMM panel, all you need is a domain and a service provider. Once you have these two, you will need an SMM panel that can send orders from your SMM panel to the service provider's SMM panel. You can try PanelQ's SMM panel script to do this. PanelQ's SMM panel script supports API and can send orders automatically to your service provider. Start your SMM panel business with PanelQ today.
An SMM panel is a website based on an SMM panel script that provides social media services to customers. SMM panels work by reselling services to each other through API. There are a lot of SMM panels in the market selling SMM services by just inflating the prices. It is called SMM reselling. Once you place an order on an SMM panel, it's forwarded to several other SMM panels internally. You as a customer will never come to know this process as it's all done internally with API. So this is how a SMM panel works.
If you are looking forward to purchasing your own SMM panel and running your own SMM panel business, you should try the SMM panel script by Panelq.com. The pricing starts at just $4.99 per month. All you need is a domain and kick start your SMM panel today.
If you are looking forward to purchasing your own SMM panel and running your own SMM panel business, you should try the SMM panel script by Panelq.com. The pricing starts at just $4.99 per month. All you need is a domain and kick start your SMM panel today.
Once you have purchased the SMM panel script from PanelQ, you can use the SMM panel to sell and resell your SMM services. You can connect your SMM panel with Unlimited Smm panels and sync their services into your SMM panel. Once you have synced the services, you can sell these services to your customers. All the orders on your SMM panel will be processed to the connected reseller panel via API. This is how you can use the SMM panel.
There are thousands of SMM services providers in the market. When you buy SMM panel from PanelQ, you have to deal with different service providers. To tell you which is the main SMM panel service provider will be a hoax. You have to try and test various panels and stick to the one that works best for you. There is no particular SMM panel that is the main provider.